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2000 Corbin Motors Sparrow

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The Corbin Sparrow is a single passenger, three-wheeled electric vehicle. It is considered by many as a beta-tester or proof of concept vehicle due to the fact that it never reached its full production. The Sparrow is also a zero emission vehicle (ZEV) that is classified as a motorcycle by the US Department of Transportation. The Sparrow has a top speed of 75 mph (due to being governed by it's controller)and a published range of 40 to 60 miles (true distance capabilities appears to be in the 20-30 mile range, depending on type of driving and terrain). Sparrows were delivered typically with either a 110 or 220 volt charger. The 110 Volt charger plugged into any household 15 Amp outlet and would fully recharge a Sparrow in 6-8 hours.

  • 156 Volt DC comprising of 13 12-volt batteries in a series.
  • 75 MPH (governed)top speed, 25 HP continuous, 40 HP peak.
  • Realistic 25-30 mile range between charges
  • Cog belt drive, disc brakes on all three wheels
  • Three point safety harness, automotive safety glass, low center of gravity
  • Double A arm front suspension, single-sided rear swing arm
  • Specs: 1350 lbs., 96"long x 52" wide x 57" tall
  • Power windows, AM/FM/CD Stereo, and heat is standard
  • Registers, insures and parks as a motorcycle

There are 6 of the 13 Optima deep cycle batteries located under the front hood, as well as the Zivan Charger. The additional 7 batteries are located under the drivers seat. The low placement of the batteries helps with stability. Standard equipment include Tilt Wheel, AM/FM/CD Stereo, Heat, Wiper, 3-point safety harness and Automotive Grade Safety Glass.


The Controller compartment is located in the rear and houses the controller for the 156 volt electric motor.  There are several different controllers used. 






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