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Do you want to schedule a dental appointment at our Mesa location?  As a convenience, you can fill out these forms ahead of time and bring them in during your visit. This way, our patients can spend less time waiting and more time with Dr. Reyes.

In order to maximize your appointment time during your first visit, we ask that you please complete the forms located within the New Patient Forms button. The Notice of Privacy Practice and Dental Materials Facts Sheet are for your information and do not need to be returned to us.  If you are bringing in your child, please take a moment to read Dr. Reyes' letter titled Your Child's First Visit.

New Patient Forms

Notice of Privacy Practice.pdf

AZ Dental Materials Fact Sheet.pdf

Your Child's First Visit


All new patients are required to have an Full Mouth Series (FMX) of x-rays on file.  An FMX has 18 - 20 films. These are necessary to accurately diagnose dental and periodontal diseases.  FMXs from other dental offices are accepted if they are current (within 3 - 5 years), complete and of diagnostic quality.  Patient's with periodontal disease or a high risk of caries development will be required to have an FMX on file every 3 years.  Once an FMX is on file, 4 Bite Wing (BW) films will be taken every 6 - 12 months.  Localized Periapical (PA) films will be taken as needed.  Children will require a Panoramic film every 3 years.  The amount and type of additional films that are taken is dependent on the child's biological and development age.

Dr. Reyes will begin her exam by checking your skin, facial & postural muscles, thyroid, lymph nodes, salivary glands, and tonsils.  This will be followed by a TMJ exam, oral cancer screening and occlusal analysis.  She will then continue to to check for cavities, restoration defects, occlusal discrepancies, crowding, and periodontal disease.  Finally, intraoral images will be taken.

Treatment Planning
After your exam, Dr. Reyes will spend approximately 15 minutes reviewing and discussing all findings.  Please use this time to ask questions about your treatment recommendations.  Soon after, our Treatment and Financial Coordinator will present you with information regarding insurance coverage, appointments and financing.

Cleanings will only be provided if time allows.  A cleaning can be expected if a patient arrives prepared and on-time and only requires a standard maintenance cleaning (prophy).  Patients who have not obtained a cleaning in over a year or have a history of periodontal disease will receive a cleaning during their next appointment.  Children will receive a cleaning during their initial visit unless a deeper cleaning is necessary.  All cleanings include removal of all plaque, tartar, staining and diseased tissue.  



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