Welcome to our Covid-19 Pandemic page where you can read about the protocol and facility changes we have made in order to address this ongoing issue.  Please remember that we have many high-risk patients in our practice and your cooperation is greatly appreciated.


New Technology

  • UV technology has been installed within our A/C units to address the issue with recirculated air inside of facilities.  The addition of this technology to our facility, you can rest easy that you are breathing fresh air with every breath.
  • UV + Ozone technology is available to our staff for disinfection of their personal items, including masks, keys cell phones, etc.
  • Ozone Technology is used in our office to disinfect our nitrous oxide equipment, such as hoses, air bags and attachments, between patient use. New nitrous nasal hoods are used for every patient and these are single use items.
  • Hepa filters have been strategically placed in our facility to work with our A/C units in a supportive manner. Activated particles that are expelled by our A/C units will travel to every corner of the facility grabbing anything that doesn't belong. In turn, our Hepa filters will collect those particles to trap them inside.
  • Fogging technology is used in our office to provide an additional level of protection against aerosols and disinfection of those hard to reach areas.


New and Ongoing Protocol 

  • To aid in early detection of symptoms, we will take your temperature and ask you questions with regards to recent social and travel experiences at every appointment.
  • Because the virus is subject to oxidation, you will be provided with a 1% peroxide rinse to use for 30 seconds, prior to all dental appointments, in order to reduce bacterial and viral load prior to treatments.
  • Because the virus can live on hard surfaces anywhere from 2 hrs. to 9 days, all front-office locations, including the reception and children's playroom, will have all hard surfaces disinfected with hospital-grade disinfectants often and throughout the day, no different than in the back-office or treatment areas.
  • No-touch waste baskets, tissues and antibacterial hand sanitizers will be readily available, as they always have been in waiting rooms, operatories and restrooms.
  • Check-in tablets will have protective barriers to allow for better protection and easier disinfection.
  • Water lines will be flushed after every appointment. Shocking of water lines will be completed once a month. Distilled water in closed units will continue to be the norm.
  • Autoclave testing is routinely completed once a week through OSHA Review for early detection of autoclave failures.
  • Adherence to stricter uniform guidelines which include surgical attire for patients and staff for all aerosol producing procedures.
  • Aerosolization will be limited as much as possible, although it cannot be completely eliminated. Ultrasonic scalers will be used only as necessary and to the mutual comfort of the patient and care provider.
  • While these restrictions remain, there will never be more than 10 people in our facility, at any given time, including staff and patients.  While these restrictions are in place, we ask that you please come alone, unless you need a translator who speaks a language other than English or Spanish.
  • We ask that you bring your own mask and wear it until asked to remove it.  If you do not have one, one will be provided to you upon entering our facility.


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