Our Philosophy

Sandra Reyes, DDS – Mesa Arizona Family Dentist

 "To provide modern, high quality, comprehensive dental care with an
emphasis on prevention, maintenance, and patient awareness."  Dr. Sandra Reyes

  • To provide care to those in need.
  • To always be truthful and honest about all aspects of treatment.
  • To promote the patient's autonomy in making choices about their dental treatment.
  • To be actively involved in continuing education, in an effort to keep abreast of new advances and changes within the dental profession, thus ultimately providing patients with the most current techniques and services.
  • To educate patients and the community of the role and importance of oralhealth in their overall health.
  • To create an atmosphere that fosters a positive attitude and a high work ethic

    Real People.  Real Care.  Beautiful Dentistry For You and Your Family!    

Education is an essential element in developing proper oral hygiene habits. We truly believe that everyone should have the opportunity to receive personalized, quality dental care. With this in mind, Dr. Reyes offers appointments for children, adults, and patients with special needs. Here on this page, you can learn more about our team of talented and friendly dental professionals. We encourage you to call our office to schedule your next dental appointment. 


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