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Mesa Arizona Dentist – Dr. Sandra Reyes

We are a Mesa dental office committed to serving our community. On this page, you can read first-hand accounts from some of Dr. Reyes’ satisfied patients. Dr. Reyes has the experience and education to offer services from teeth whitening and dentures to general or special needs dentistry. We encourage you to schedule your next appointment today for quality dental products and services. 

We work to provide every individual with an experience that surpasses their expectations.  Because of our true dedication to each and every patient, we value their personal opinions about our practice, doctor and staff.  We hope that you find the following testimonials helpful in making your decision to make us your family's dental care providers.  These are unsolicited and unscripted testimonials written by patients for other patients. 

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“Dr. Reyes is a SUPERB DENTIST ... The facility is very clean and modern. Actually Spotless. After 40 years of neglect on my mouth it was fully explained to me that I would need some major work. The journey to a new smile was very easy, painless, and with minimal discomfort. The entire staff in the office is friendly and caring. They really care about your condition and genuinely have an interest in your progress. I can HIGHLY RECOMMEND Dr. Sandra Reyes for any procedure you may need. My personal experience has been very positive and is an overall improvement on my quality of life."
J.L. - Miami, AZ

I had dentures and here is w...hat I have to say: Dr. Reyes, This letter is to thank you and your staff for what you have done for me. From the very first time I walked in, you and your office made me feel comfortable. I had had a couple of bad experiences in the past and struggled to find someone I could go to and combined with health issues that helped in the decline of my mouth, I no longer smiled or laughed. I work in a professional environment and was constantly aware of my mouth. My kids asked me “Mom why are you never happy”, I would never smile and there is not one picture where I am smiling or laughing. You were referred to me by a former patient of yours, so when I came to the point of needing to go, I called terrified! But from the first, neither you nor your staff made feel uncomfortable or embarrassed. You talked to me in laymen terms where I understood what needed to be done; how you wanted to do it and then you asked me how I felt about it. Go figure, being asked what I felt about my own plan of care. That had never happened before! Thank you Dr. Reyes and your team (and yes, you are a team) made me smile again. I now have a brand new smile and the whole world smiles with me now or I’m smiling with it! My pictures with my family have me smiling in them, and even laughing with them. Your office is very clean, up to date equipment, and customer service is none better. I had no surprises in the chair or at check out. Everything was put in front of me about cost, and I was asked again if I had any questions or concerns. My tears that I shed are of joy…..thank you seems so little for the difference you made in my life.
Marla G.

Dr. Reyes and her staff are extremely professional in all matters. They are concerned about not only the health of my teeth but also my general well-being. Dr. Reyes is very meticulous in her work and never cuts corners to save time or money. I am extremely impressed with her ethics and willingness to do her best at all times. She is patient and makes sure that there is no discomfort. I would recommend her to everyone and anyone.
H.C., Mesa, AZ

I have been a patient of Dr. Reyes for about 2 years now, which is quite a statement considering my severe "dental-phobia!" Dr. Reyes and her staff consistently provide outstanding dental services in a friendly and warm atmosphere...they feel like family! I recommend Dr. Reyes every opportunity I have to do so....she even weened me off the Nitrous.....AMAZING!
Lynn R.

I just want to let you know I couldn't be Happier with my front teeth that you filled earlier this month. I am on my home Thursday but when I return in the fall I will book an appointment to have my teeth cleaned and the chipped tooth repaired. Thanks again for such fast and professional service.

“Dr. Reyes and staff are so comforting, easing, for me a big baby at 54. I was searching for a dentist in my area of Mesa and found an Angel. She is so very kind and understanding of your needs, discusses treatment with you, no surprise attacks with the costs all up-front. The harmonious staff is amazing. You feel everybody's happy there, all get along so very well plus the knowledge I receive in answering my questions. I feel pampered each time I visit.”
R.K. - Mesa, AZ

"When I moved to CA my biggest loss was losing Dr. Reyes as my Dentist. I can't find anything that compares to her facility and expertise... For a person like myself who gets very anxious about going to the dentist, Dr. Reyes office has a soothing and relaxing atmosphere. She treats me with care and understanding and settles for nothing less than perfection. I recommend Dr. Reyes to anyone. I might even have to make yearly trips to AZ if I don't find a dentist here in CA."
D.V - Moreno Valley, CA

"The work I've had done, including crown work and fillings are among the best I've had done. Dr. Reyes works closely with her lab and the lab work is excellent. My front crown looks as natural as the rest of my teeth. The procedures were virtually painless and Dr. Reyes is excellent with making sure that you are kept comfortable and stopping if you need a moment. She and her staff also did an amazing job of explaining the procedures and letting you know all of your options. After having bad experiences with dentists in the past, I cannot say how much I appreciate and praise Dr. Reyes and her staff for their excellent work and pleasant office."
J.R. - Mesa, AZ

“I found Dr. Reyes sort of by mistake online, what a blessing. She has been wonderful to me and my children...They are respectful, friendly and cautious. They make going to the dentist as pleasant as possible, even for my son, who would rather walk through fire. Dr. Reyes is awesome. She corrected some of the work I had done previously and also with my daughter. She takes a little longer than my previous dentist, but after the first experience I saw why. She takes extreme pride in her work, my mouth. She has a great sense of humor as does the rest of her staff. As a practice mgr, I try to create the same kind of compassion, respect, and professionalism with a touch of humor thrown in. I will recommend this office at any given opportunity.”
P.T - Gilbert, AZ

"Dr. Reyes is the sweetest and kindest dentist I know. She is very knowledgeable and real. After my exam, she reviewed my case with me in words I could understand. I walked out of there knowing exactly what I needed and why. It definately encouraged me to change my brushing and flossing habits."
Anonymous - Gilbert, AZ

Dr. Reyes and her staff are the most professional and friendly of any dentist I have gone too. She does, besides general dentistry, cosmetic and rehabilitative dentistry. She has a probe attached to a tv at the foot of the dental chair and she shows you exactly what she is looking at in your mouth (the probe also magnifies so you can see small cracks, etc.).

They have been patient regarding insurance and finances, and they have the absolute BEST RECEPTIONIST! I am an RN, and I've never seen such excellent sterile technique. Dr. Reyes and her staff are completely up-to-date and state-of-the-art. I was going to go to an orthodontist for braces after the general dental work was done, but I was so impressed with Dr. Reyes I stayed with her for the braces and am almost done with them. My teeth look so good!

Given what you get, their prices are quite reasonable. I can't recommend them highly enough.

Dr. Reyes doesn't hesitate to teach them better ways of doing things, and stays involved in all that is done in her offices. The hygienist, like the rest of the staff, seem to be people who strive to be the best, and your comfort is a high priority with them. They tell you what they find as they work on you so you know whether your gums are better or worse. They do plenty of teaching with you and don't mind any questions or problems you may be having. I no longer dread getting my teeth cleaned. And it's the first time someone bothered to do scaling below the gums in all the years I've been getting my teeth cleaned! My teeth are in the best shape they have ever been.
Paula Haines, RN

Dr. Reyes is by far the best dentist I have ever had. She is not only a great practitioner, but she is one of the nicest and most caring human beings I have ever met. She has mastered the ability to use all the most up to date technology, but not lose her humanity that makes a truely wonderful doctor.

About Hygienist: The entire staff is welcoming and wonderful to interact with. I have always felt that they really cared about my needs and fears.
J.R. - Mesa, AZ