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Sandra Reyes DDS - Mesa Arizona Dentistry

Our entire staff believes in preventative care, and personalize treatment.  We encourage you to read through this page and become more familiar with how our team of dental health professionals can positively impact your smile.  We hope that you contact us for your next dental appointment.

Our Staff is composed of individuals who are genuinely committed to providing our patients with personal care and attention.  As individuals, our team members have qualities that are used to enhance our services by providing the ultimate patient experience.  Together, we join to create a strong team who is able to address your needs in a positive and efficient manner.  Our goal is to create an atmosphere where patients are aware that their needs are a priority

Luz Nunez, DA

Practice Coordinator/Dental Assistant

Luz joined our team in December of 2010 upon Graduation of Fortis College in Phoenix.  In the past, Luz has functioned as one of our Lead Dental Assistants, Practice Receptionist and Insurance Coordinator.  Over the years, she has been instrumental in keeping the team strong through her commitment and versatility. Her Spanish skills also make her a very critical member of the team.  Luz is one of the most committed and dependable team members we have ever had at our office, and we value her tremendously.  Don't let her quiet nature fool you.  She is an incredibly funny person and a down-to-earth personality. 

When she's not at the office, Luz enjoys going hiking, shopping, traveling and spending time with her family and friends.


Kalin Jones, DA

Front Office Assistant/Expediter

Kalin is also that behind-the-scenes gem who helps get all of those "impossible" and "there's not enough time in the day" things done. Her responsibilities include Insurance Eligibility, Claim Payout Verification, patient data gathering, marketing, and data analysis. On a very busy day, you'll find her helping the dental assistants break down a room.  She joined our practice in October of 2018 as Dr. Reyes' personal assistant and has since made a place for herself among the staff as the funny and joyful one.  Kalin's past work experience focuses in childcare, telemarketing, and customer service but her heart is set on one day running her own business.  She is presently attending CGCC as she works on her Business Degree.  Our hope is that while she is with us, she will not only learn what it entails to be a woman in business, but will also enhance our own experience and knowledge with her skills and presence.

In her spare time, Kalin enjoys rollerskating, trying new foods, and time with her family.


Jeni Garner, CDA

Lead Dental Assistant

Jeni is our Lead Dental Assistant.  She joined our practice in 2013, as a dental assisting intern and soon became a leader among our Staff, ultimately taking on her present role as Lead Dental Assistant, Certified by the prestigious and nationally recognized Dental Assisting National Board (DANB).  A unique leader among her peers, she has achieved what many have not , by obtaining the highest recognition there is for a Dental Assistant.  In addition to managing the back office team, Jeni is our OSHA manager and works diligently to not only meet, but surpass all OSHA standards.  

During her free time, Jeni enjoys nature, yoga, camping, a frequent visit to Dutch Bros.  and spending time with her family.


Vanessa Luna, DA

Dental Assistant

Vanessa joined our team in September of 2019 as an Intern from the American Institute of Dental Assisting.  She was hired 3 weeks later and has since then acted as Dr. Reyes' main assistant during almost all restorative procedures.  Vanessa is quiet and very sweet and seen as a little sister who has been taken under the wings of everyone in this practice. As a result, she is affectionately called "Little One" by Dr. Reyes.  Although a dental assistant for a very short time, Vanessa has impressed Dr. Reyes with her ability to adapt and learn quickly.  Having Vanessa's strength on the team has allowed our Lead Assistant to manage the difficult duties that it entails.  It's this cooperative nature that has allowed the team to grow in strength and consistency.

During her free time, Vanessa likes to dance, listen to music, hang out with friends and country line dance! 

Dental Assisting Interns, DA

Our office is very proud to be partnered with Phoenix area dental assisting programs.  As part of their program requirements, each student needs to complete up to 300 clinical hours in a working dental office so that they can expand their skills.  We value our profession and enjoy having the opportunity to teach and train new dental professionals to a level of mastery and excellence that will allow them to be very competitive when they leave our office.  You can be assured that our interns will provide you with excellent care.  Schools are located in Mesa, Gilbert, Tempe, Chandler, the East Valley and Central Phoenix.


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